Message from Management

Continually Bringing a Little Enrichment to Everyday Life

Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., a core operating company of the Toyo Ink Group, is primarily engaged in the printing- and packaging-related businesses. Together with 17 domestic and overseas affiliates, we provide products and related services centered on printing inks to every corner of the world.

What exactly is ink anyway? Ink is as an indispensable everyday item. For instance, the ornate wrapping paper used in gift packaging can express sincerity, while the retort package that can be heated in a microwave oven provides convenience. As a component of such items, ink imparts color to daily-life scenarios. While it enriches our lives in numerous ways, it is regrettably true that ink is treated as unwanted waste at the end of its functional life.
At a time when the realization of a sustainable world is strongly emphasized, the reduction of plastic waste is an urgent issue to curb greenhouse gas emissions and prevent environmental degradation. In response to these environmental issues, we are making every effort to provide sustainable printing solutions and to develop deinking systems that will help to realize a recycling-oriented society.

These activities are reinforced by our extensive capabilities as a manufacturer, which we have cultivated over many years. These capabilities include product planning through global marketing, product design technology to meet stringent performance requirements, synthesis and mass-production technology from materials to products, and quality assurance systems to ensure that our products can be used by our customers with a peace of mind.
At Toyo Ink, we are committed to providing products and solutions that respond flexibly to the ever-changing needs of society, with the aim of both enriching our daily lives and preserving the environment.

Masato Yanagi
President and Representative Director