Vision of Our Business

High Resolution & High Precision

With the development of digitalization and information technology, a large number of people today witness high resolution images and pictures. In times of such transition, there is a high demand for reproducibility of appearance and color brightness of printed materials.
To achieve printings in higher resolution and precision — this has always been a goal for Toyo Ink as an ink manufacturer, and we have accumulated firm technology and development capacity to for over a hundred years. We have been continuously offering and implementing high resolution and high precision products and services for various media. "Kaleido Ink®" is one example in which we achieved wide color gamut by process four color printing.

Kaleido Ink® — Process Ink that Reproduce Wide Color Gamut

Kaleido Ink® enables to reproduce wider color gamut that was formely impossible to create with conventional process color printing. "Kaleido Ink®" is a breakthrough process ink for the designers, photographers and publishers to satisfy their needs. It is available in environment friendly types such as VOC-free or high reactive UV. We are also planning to adopt it in the field of gravure and inkjet printing to continuously bring innovation to the world of printing.