Our Businesses

Offset Ink Business

Enhancing appearance and faster reproduction in printing newspapers, books, leaflets, etc. We at Toyo Ink have always had an innovative approach towards the developing offset printing industry and have used our latest technology to cover the growing needs.
However, with global warming becoming extremely severe, and with ever increasing food supply problems, focusing only on the development of product quality is now reaching at very critical cross roads.
For a prosperous tomorrow what can Toyo Ink do? Our answer to this critical situation is our environment harmonized inks proposal.

UV Ink Business

UV inks which are also a "solvent less environment harmonized ink" based on curing done by energy emitted by UV rays. We at Toyo Ink are forerunners in adopting and developing inks derived from LED curing technology to Low Energy Consuming UV inks.
Besides, we have also kept the strict regulations of NL, REACH, RoHS, for both domestic and global chemical regulation needs. Moreover, we have taken care to improve the safety standards and at the same time minimizing the CO2 emissions related to ink manufacturing and handling. We have also enhanced our overcoat varnish which is designed for high quality cosmetic needs.

Gravure Ink Business

Gravure ink is used for food products,household goods , medical goods and industrial goods such as components for computers and mobile phones. We at Toyo Ink, developed a gravure ink which is applicable to a wide range of products. In the field of paper and film printing, we promote VOC reduction by offering water-based gravure ink. Furthermore, we reduce CFP by using naturally-derived raw materials such as bioethanol and bioethyl acetate. In addition, in the field of functional materials, with our know-how in the field of specialty chemical maker, we have been continuously raising our product value to meet customer needs.

Flexographic Ink Business

Flexographic printing displays high reproducibility for cardboards, paperbags, wrapping paper, food packages, etc - At Toyo Ink, we promote and develop Flexographic inks which achieve high productivity and elaborated design , with a concern for the environment. With printing on paper, we reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the ink waste and ink delivery using an automatic color matching system. In the field of packaging, we are planning to develop water-based Flexographic laminate inks with high physical properties aiming VOC reduction and less consumption.

Silk Screen Ink Business

Silk screen ink is applicable to a variety of goods ranging from papers such as posters and POP displays to toys, stationery, bags, ceramics and other household goods. At Toyo Ink, along with the development and promotion of conventional silk screen ink, we put efforts in the development of functional pastes for manufacturing of LCD displays and printed circuit boards by combining Toyo Ink Group’s core technologies like color/resin development and dispersion technology.