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Join the Toyo Ink Group at interpack 2023! Under the banner of “Packaging Innovation for a Sustainable Future,” we will be featuring at Stand F16, Hall 18 a comprehensive lineup of solutions that can help brands and packaging converters make the transition to a more circular economy. This entails functional inks and coatings, adhesives and other specialty materials engineered to help reduce the amount of plastics used in packaging and that support the shift from multi-material to mono-material packaging. Below is a preview of some of our latest packaging innovations designed with sustainability and performance in mind.

Our concept for interpack 2023 ‘Packaging Innovation for a Sustainable Future’

The main topics

Greener solutions
    Alternative materials that are not only better for the environment but also better for the user's health across the value chain.
Paper conversion
    Safer solutions that help to improve paper packaging such as functional coatings to enhance performance properties.
Circularity of materials
    Inks, coatings and adhesives that help to make the shift to mono-material possible while boosting mechanical recycling efficiency.


Greener solutions

Paper conversion

Circularity of materials

Water-based inks

Aqua Ecol
HW-3 Hidowonder series

Water-based inks that eliminate fire and explosion risks while reducing CO2 emitted into the pressroom.

Low energy, Low VOC inks

Steraflex LED
Steraflex UV

Superb speed, efficiency and safety for today’s high-speed presses

Low energy, Low VOC inks for food packaging

Steraflex LED Food
LED Food Offset
Steraplast Offset Food

Ultimate solutions for food packaging safety

BPA-NI (Bisphenol A Not Intent) can coatings

TC 1050P
TC 3040V
TC 2045G

Coatings that do not intentionally contain Bisphenol A for improved consumer health and safety.

Epoxy-based internal lacquers


Pigment lacquer and golden lacquer with high sterilization resistance & high flexibility. Raw materials complying with FDA norms.

Structural color printed sheet

Structural color sheets with vivid colors that change depending on the observation angle. Printed without pigments or dyes. Product under development.

Low odor, low migration (LO/LM)

LP-9* series

Toyo Printing Inks has developed the new range of LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO / LM ink useable in paper or cardboard packaging for food, cosmetic or medicine

Mineral oil free (MO-free)

TB-9* series
PB* series
MB* series
TN* series

A selection of mineral oil free solutions in pantone, spot colors and mixing bases

Fillharmo (oil-water barrier for paper)


Direct food-contactable oil and water resistant coating agent for paper

Water-based barrier coatings for paper

Megacoat FC series

Water-based barrier coatings for paper that allows replacement of PE lamination/extrusion in paper packaging

Moisture barrier coating for paper

Z322WV (anchor)

Moisture barrier coating for paper fo non-ffod applications

Heat sealing lacquers for for paper

Megacoat FC series, Fillharmo,

These products offer heat sealing abilities on top of the oil/water barrier functions.

PLA-based products

EB017 Next GP inks and OPV
EA-H4770 heat sealing

Products where the resin is made of PLA (poly-lactic acid) which is compostable

De-inkable inks for paper recycling


A new range of low odor, low migration inks used in paper or cardboard packaging for food, cosmetics or medicine.

Mineral oil free inks for paper recycling

TB-9* series
PB* series
MB* series
TN* series

Toyo Printing Inks has developed the new range of LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO / LM ink useable in paper or cardboard packaging for food, cosmetic or medicine

Barrier products for paper recycling

Megacoat FC series

Several barrier products (oil, water, moisture) that enables the replacement of PE extrusion or laminated paper for compatibility with paper recycling stream

Products for aluminum-based mono-material packaging


Pimer, overprint varnish and heat seal lacquers specially designed for aluminum substrates

UV-blocking lacquer

RV-20010 UV

Protects the contents from the UV rays while allowing transparency on flexible packaging

Full PU gravure inks

LP-VF series

Inks without PVC in the resins, suitable for packaging that will undergo mechanical recycling

Oxygen barrier lacquer for mono-material film packaging

O2 barrier Z307

Lacquer that contributes to better recyclability because it can replace (in some conditions) the aluminum layer and allows making mono-material packaging

High gloss overprint varnish

Z310 AQ

Ultra Gloss OPV is designed to achieve lamination quality gloss. The aim is to substitute overcoat film by this Ultra Gloss OPV, reducing the plastic layers.

See you at the event!

1. Date:
May 4th (Thurs.) - 10th (Wed.) 2023, 10:00-18:00
2. Venue:
Fair ground Düsseldorf
3. Our booth:
Hall 18, booth F16
4. Co-exhibitors:
Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., Toyo Printing Inks Inc., Toyo Ink Europe, N.V.
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