Laser marking agentsElbima® Z117

Features of this product

Printed on the surface or reverse of the flexible package.
Special coating that can be used to display the expiration date and serial numbers.
It makes the printed message safe water-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-damage or solvent rubbing resistant.

Application of this product

  • food packaging field ... expiration date, lot number
  • industrial materials · · · lot number, serial no., etc.
Product name Printing method Type Components Substrates Application Features
Elbima Z117 Gravure Solvent (non Toluene) 1 Treated PET, OPP, Nylon, paper, etc Lamination use* White color

* If combined with OP varnish it can be used in surface printing

Coloring systems

Figure of coloring systems


Use samples

Printing by laser marking (reverse printing configuration)

Ink-jet printing (surface printing configuration)

Smallest letters

  • Allows to put necessary information in smallest parts.
  • Because it is difficult to see by naked-eye, it can be used as anti-counterfeiting


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