Laser marking agentsElbima® Z117

About Elbima™

In the context of the demand for safety and reliability in food and other medical products packaging, and laser marking offering long-lasting as well as un-erasable / un-rewritable printed characters, Elbima keeps standing out.
It is also particularly suitable for stock and logistics control in sectors such as electronics, machinery or the auto industry.

The Elbima laser marking agent was developed under the fundamentally different concept consisting in representing characters through the abrasion of materials' surfaces with existing high power laser beams.
Due to the mechanical marking of the interior of the packages lamination structure through scraping, contact with oils or solvents doesn’t cause erasure.
Moreover, erasure and rewriting are now impossible.


  • Printed on flexible packaging substrates, it allows the printing of fine and variable printing characters thanks to laser exposure.
  • Very resistant to oils, solvents and other scratching due to the coloring of the inside of the lamination structure.
  • Excels in security due to the impossibility to rewrite.
  • Printed with the same process as ordinary gravure inks, it allows lamination.


Food packaging sector: best by date, lot numbering, etc.
Industrial materials sector: lot / serial numbering, etc.

Coloring systems

As Elbima is coated on the film surface, the coated side can be laminated. Then, characters are formed on this surface by a change to black color following exposure to laser rays. Therefore, as no chips or smoke are generated, it can also be used in a clean room environment.


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