Biomass Packaging Solution

TOYO INK contributes to a better environment with biomass products.

TOYO INK’s biomass inks

TOYO INK Group’s biomass-certified products

Area Printing Method Type Main Applications Product Biomass
Natural Ingredient Name Biomass Level
Gravure Printing Lamination Ink Film lamination 160011 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Surface printing ink Film surface printing PANNECO Series 160016 Cotton, pulp, rice bran More than 20%
Film surface printing 170003 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Heavy load bag film PEK 170002 Cotton, pulp, rice bran More than 20%
Ink for paper Polyester-laminated paper
for liquid containers
UP TOP Series 170005 Cotton, pulp, rice bran More than 10%
Ordinary paper containers ECO COLOR HR Series 170004 Cotton, pulp, rice bran More than 10%
OP varnish for paper Paper containers' top coating MFT8G NT OP Varnish M1 170018 Cotton, pulp, rice bran More than 30%
Flexo Printing Surface printing ink Surface-treated PE printing FB King X Series 170024 Cotton, pulp More than 10%
Ink for ordinary paper For paper packaging/bags AQUA Biomass Series 170030 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Ink for sheet cardboard cardboard sheets AQUA CONTE K Biomass Series 170031 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Lamination Adhesives Adhesive for solvent-free lamination (Ether) Adhesive for flexible packaging ECOAD
EA-N5050 & EA-N6050
170006 Angiosperms' seeds More than 20%
EA-N5050 & EA-N6052
190205 Angiosperms' seeds More than 25%
EA-N373A & EA-N6173
200127 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Adhesive for dry lamination (Ether) ECOAD
EA-B3110 & EA-B1210
170007 Plants' seeds or fruit More than 10%
210152 Angiosperms' seeds More than 15%
EA-B3860 & EA-B1290
210294 Angiosperms' seeds More than 10%
Adhesive for dry lamination (Ester) ECOAD
170040 Plants' seeds or fruit More than 10%
Sensitive Adhesives
PET bottles' sleeve labels LABELMELTBL-8603KC 140014 Rosin More than 30%
LABELMELTBL-8603C 140015 Rosin More than 30%
Offset Printing Sheet-fed Offset Inks Brochures, flyers, magazines, etc. 100013 Rosin, recycled oil, rice bran, etc. More than 40%
Heat Set Inks 100014 Rosin, recycled oil, rice bran, etc. More than 20%
UV Curable Offset Inks FLASH DRY HB ECOBIO Series* 170032 Plant-derived and other More than 10%

Note: FLASH DRYHB ECOBIO series meets also secondary paper container packaging applications.

POINT 1Biomass product for packages of Toyo Ink

For the achievement of a sustainable society, TOYO INK offers inks / adhesives using biomass raw materials and promotes environmentally friendly inks along with ethical consumption.

TOYO INK designs environmentally friendly and safe products

  • Using natural ingredients (in particular non-edible plant-based materials)
  • Reducing resources depletion and CO2 emissions

What is biomass?

With the Japanese Government’s “Biomass Japan Comprehensive Strategy”biomass is defined as “renewable organic resources of biological origin excluding fossil resources”.

Biomass is both a renewable energy and an alternative resource to oil.
As bio-based energy / resources are circulating in natural cycles, they cannot face exhaustion as is the case with oil.

Also, as plant-based biomass absorbs CO2 during its formation, even if it (temporarily) releases CO2 during its incineration, we can consider that the emissions are offset by the CO2 absorbtion.

POINT 2Biomass products’advantages

  1. Applying natural ecosystems processes to human societies consists to achieve a sustainable society that does not depend on the resources exhaustion.
  2. Vegetation uses sunlight as its energy to grow and absorbs the CO2 in the atmosphere in this process.
    So, as opposed to products using fossil resources, products relying on plant-based materials do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere.

TOYO INK promotes the adoption of the “Biomass Mark” environmental label.

What is the Biomass Mark?

Delivered by the Japan Organics Recycling Association, this mark certifies that goods are using biological resources / are environmentally friendly
(with a biomass level of at least 10%) and comply with related regulations and standards.

TOYO INK’s approach to environmentally conscious products


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