New generation
of empowered packaging

Packaging is going through an important transformation to meet the requirements of sustainability.

Eliminating layers of plastic in the flexible packaging, getting rid of plastic lamination on paper packages, etc., is now easier by using functional coatings.


Functional coatings are the solutions for a more sustainable packaging industry.

Coatings can give the packaging similar functions to the ones given by some types of films, enabling to remove those films from the structure. This is also making easier the recycling process.

UV-block coating

Blocks the UV component of the light protecting the contents and allowing transparency. Alternative to aluminum or opaque materials.

Gas barrier coating

Extends the shelf life of the product blocking the transmission of oxygen and/or moisture.

Ultra Gloss overprint varnish

Applied directly on top of the surface printed area, eliminates the usage of high gloss film as an upper layer. It helps reducing amount of plastic in packaging.

Heat sealing agent

Applied on the internal surface it enables heat sealing of conventional films without the necessity of using heat sealable films.

Surface protection

Both in plastic or in paper the surface of the substrate must be protected against any aggression.

These coatings protect the packaging substrate from external and internal damages. Also, these surface coatings can give additional functions and values to the package.

Water-repellent varnish

Avoids damage on the paper caused by the external contact with water

Water and oil proof coating

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Protects the paper substrate from the humidity and grease of the contents

Anti-fungi coating

Reduces the proliferation of molds and fungi on the paper surface that may happen in moist conditions.

Anti-bacterial coating

Avoids the bacterial growth on the film surface protecting consumers from bacterial transmission.

Anti-static coating

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Eliminates the static electricity of the films solving the issue of powder contents stuck on the surfaces at the filling process.

Anti-fouling coating

Makes more difficult for the dust, dirtiness to accumulate on the surface, therefore it is easier to wipe out the surface in case it is required.


Confers a soft-touch feeling to the external surface of the package.


Making sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is at your hands,
just use the right solutions.


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