Unique optical properties with functional pastes

Unique optical properties with functional pastes

Achieving shading, diffusion and adhesion

The miniaturization, lightening and slimming of electronic devices is making further progress. High performance, low energy and design are sought after for digital cameras and other lighting devices. To make these possible, Toyo Ink is solving the major issues of shading, diffusion and adhesion with the REXWIN™ series.

I need conductive printing patterns!


A carbon graphite related conductive paste applicable on all sorts of films thanks to low resistance.
There is an ever growing demand for more conductivity and functionality for Smart phones, tablets, IC tags, and other portable terminals. The development of materials and printing techniques allows to answer customers’ needs.

printing patterns

High transparency films and glass covering


With a great variety of structures and the introduction of new materials, smart phones and other tablets are making progress every day. Enjoying superior transparency, our adhesives are the best to cover acrylic, polycarbonate and other transparent materials, as well as to suppress level differences in window frames. REXWINTM UA A is the product lineup for screen printing and coating dispensers.


Advancing shading of smart phones window frames (and other devices)


Shading paste for smart phones and other display window frames. Achieves high shading thanks to a pigment dispersion technique. The lineup for glass and all types of films. Excels for long run solid printing.

Light-shielding mechanism

Uniform diffusion of light on displays and keyboards


Light conductive paste with superior aptitude for light diffusion and micro printing.
It is increasingly used for light conductive plates and sheets for liquid crystal displays, LED illumination, and other mobile phone keyboards. The product series for solvent and UV-curing systems.

 Light diffusion mechanism

Preventing flexible substrates internal reflection


A paste preventing the internal reflection of flexible substrates. Through the prevention of the internal reflection of mobile phones flexible substrates, it averts resolution drops. With an excellent adhesion to polyimide, and possessing the flexibility of a membrane, this halogen-free paste has superior insulation properties.

Mechanism preventing the internal reflection of light