Expressing the 5 senses with screen printing.

From ink to printing, we offer you atotal solution. We offer a rich design and reveal theultimate possibilities of screen printing.

For designers, consulting Toyo Ink for screen printing is a must Toyo Ink enjoys a variety of screen printing lineups.

Moreover, with our group member company FPP conducting

from screen trials to mass production, we can offer a total support from inks to printing.

"I want to print there"; "I want to obtain this color"; " I want to achieve this feel"… With the sum of all the group forces, Toyo Ink's screen printing is making your designer's creativity come true.

Giving an etching feeling is my priority

FD Liotone ink series

In a different way of the etching printing technique we can obtain with UV-curing screen inks printing uneven patterns similar to those of etching. With unique textures and three-dimensionality, we can convey new styles and designs to printed matter.

Product image

I need uneven textures or three dimensional effects

Varnishes for uneven patterns

Thanks to UV screen printing on top of offset / gravure printing, this screen ink allows to convey texture and other three-dimensional effects to printed objects. The best market standard in terms of low yellowing.

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I want to conceal and scratch

Silver scratch-off lottery inks

A high-concealment ink for scratch applications.
The highest market standard for hiding and smooth scratch-off properties.

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