AQUAECOL™ illustrates our continuous research and development to meet the challenges of an ever creative and complex flexible packaging sector, with new designs and environmental concerns. Retortable up to 120ºC, AQUAECOL™ is the one water-based gravure ink system that can handle all gravure lamination needs, as well as long print runs on a wide variety of substrates.



Prints on a wide range of substrates including OPP, PET, nylon and PVDC-coated film

  • Retortable up to 120ºC (with hardener)
  • High resolution and high-color strength
  • Good color and viscosity hold
  • Avoids static troubles
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Reduces ink consumption and increases mileage

Main Benefits

  • Balances health and environmental concerns
  • Maintains print quality over long-runs
  • Improves the press site environment
  • Environmentally friendly: reduces the VOC / meets VOC regulation and reduces retained solvent in packaging


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